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  • Yes be yes bible

    What is the Bible? The Bible is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred to Christians. It is an anthology of many works considered holy by Christians. The Bible has been a massive influence on literature and history, especially in the Western World. Bible is the holy book for Christians The Bible is the […]

  • Wrath of god verses

    Introduction The wrath of God is a central concept in the Bible. It is often described as God’s anger or judgment against sin. The wrath of God is mentioned numerous times in the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament, the wrath of God was often manifested in judgments against specific nations or groups […]

  • Works bible

    The Only SEO Checklist You Need As a business owner, you want to make sure that your website is ranking as high as possible in the search engines. After all, if your website is not ranking, you’re not getting any traffic. And if you’re not getting any traffic, you’re not making any money. That’s why […]

  • Women deacon

    Who are women deacons? A woman deacon is a female member of the diaconate, a clerical order in many Christian churches. Women deacons play a variety of roles, depending on their denomination and the specific duties required in their churches. They may be involved in such activities as teaching, preaching, ministering to the sick and […]

  • Woman behold your son commentary

    The woman at the well The woman at the well is a story in the Bible about a woman who has had many husbands and is currently living with a man who is not her husband. Jesus meets her at the well and tells her that he knows about her past and that he has […]

  • Wisconsin evangelical lutheran

    Introduction The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) is an American confessional Lutheran denomination of Christianity. Characterized as theologically conservative, it was founded in 1850 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As of 2020, it had a baptized membership of 378,399 in 1,266 congregations with 1,044 pastors across the United States and Canada. What is the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran […]

  • Why must we forgive others

    Reasons to Forgive Many people believe that holding a grudge or resentment only serves to harm you. It can weigh you down emotionally and make you feel bitter. It can also lead to anxiety and depression. On the other hand, forgiveness can lead to healthier relationships, improved mental health, and even longer life. Forgive to […]

  • Why god created lucifer

    Who is Lucifer Lucifer, according to Christian and Jewish tradition, is a fallen angel who was cast out of heaven because of his pride and rebellion. In Islamic tradition, he is not a fallen angel but a jinni, a being made of fire, who refused to bow down to Adam when God commanded all beings […]

  • Why doesnt god hear my prayers

    Introduction There are a lot of reasons why people might think that their prayers are not being answered. Maybe they’ve been praying for a long time without any results, or they feel like they’re not good enough to be heard by God. Maybe they don’t believe in God, or they think that He doesn’t exist. […]

  • Why do we go to church reasons

    Introduction There are many reasons why people choose to go to church. Some people go to find community and fellowship, others go to learn about their faith, and still others go to worship and connect with God. No matter the reason, church can be a powerful force in someone’s life. Here are five of the […]