What does glorify god mean


In order to understand what it means to “glorify God,” we must first understand what the word “glorify” means. The Greek word doxazō, translated “glorify” in most English versions of the Bible, has a wide range of meaning, including: to praise, to extol, to magnify, to honor, and to make famous. So when we ask what it means to glorify God, we are really asking what it means to praise, honor and make Him famous.

What the Bible Says About Glorifying God

Christians are called to glorify God in all that they do (1 Corinthians 10:31). This means that our lives should reflect His character and bring Him praise. We can glorify God through our words, actions, and attitude. When we live to please Him, others will see His goodness and be drawn to Him.

Old Testament

Glory is often thought of as praise, honor, or worship. It is these things, but the concept of glory in Scripture goes much deeper. To understand what the Bible says about glorifying God, we must begin with a biblical definition of glory.

The Hebrew word for glory is kabod, which means “heaviness” or “weight.” It conveys the idea of substance, importance, and dignity. This word is used to describe the physical appearance of someone who is respected and admired (Esther 6:8; Job 42:5). It also refers to an inner quality that is evident in a person’s character (1 Samuel 16:7).

When kabod is used in relation to God, it speaks of His inherent worth—He is worthy of all respect and admiration. This word describes both His external majesty and greatness as well as His internal perfections. Because God is infinitely glorious, He deserves our highest praise and adoration.

The Old Testament uses various terms to describe the different ways in which God reveals His glory. For instance, His glory can be seen in creation (Psalm 19:1), His law (Psalm 19:8), His miracles (Exodus 14:17–18), and even in His judgments (Ezekiel 28:22). But the clearest display of God’s glory is seen in the person of Jesus Christ—in His incarnation (John 1:14), life (Luke 2:32), ministry (Mark 2:12), death (Luke 23:46), resurrection (Acts 3:13), ascension (Acts 7:55), and return (Revelation 1:7). Because Jesus perfectly glorified God in everything He did, He is the supreme example for us to follow

New Testament

In the New Testament, we are called to glorify God in everything we do (1 Corinthians 10:31). This includes our thoughts, words, and actions. We are to do everything for His glory (Colossians 3:17).

One of the ways we glorify God is by obeying His commands. When we obey Him, we are showing that we trust and respect Him. We are also showing our love for Him by wanting to please Him.

Another way we glorify God is by telling others about Him. As we live our lives for Him and others see the difference He makes in us, they will be drawn to Him. We can also tell them about His wonderful works that we have seen in our own lives. When we do this, we are giving Him glory and honor.

What Does It Mean to Glorify God?

Webster dictionary defines glorify as “to honor, praise, or worship God.” When we glorify God, we acknowledge Him as the Supreme Being, worthy of all praise, honor, and worship. We exalt Him above all else. We recognize that He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. To glorify God is to ascribe to Him all the credit and all the praise.


Worship is the act of glorifying God. It is the response of our hearts to all that He is and all that He has done. It is an overflow of our gratitude and love for Him. It is expressing to God our reverence, honor, praise, and thanksgiving. In worship, we acknowledge God as holy and give Him the glory He deserves.


One way we glorify God is by obeying His commands. When we obey God, we are showing that we trust Him and Him alone to lead us and guide us. It is an act of worship that pleases God. When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, He gives us His Holy Spirit to live inside of us. The Holy Spirit then enables us to obey God.


Prayer is one of the ways we glorify God. When we talk to God, we are acknowledging that He is the most important being in our lives and that we want to please Him. We can also glorify God by living our lives in a way that reflects His character. When people see us obeying God, being patient, kind, and honest, it reflects well on Him.


One way we can glorify God is by being a witness for Him. A witness is someone who tells others about what they have seen or experienced. When we tell others about what God has done in our lives, we are glorifying Him. We are showing others that He is real and that He is worth following.

When we glorify God, we are giving Him the praise and honor that He deserves. We are making Him known to others. We are showing His greatness and power. When we glorify God, we are telling the world that He is worthy of our attention and our worship.


In conclusion, “glorifying God” means reflecting God’s character back to Him. We do this by living lives that are pleasing to Him and that reflect His righteousness, holiness, love, and truth. This is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

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