Strange sounds jerusalem


Since the early 1990s, Jerusalem has been periodically rocked by strange sounds. The most recent string of strange noises in Jerusalem began on the night of February 25, 2013. The source of the sounds, which have been described as everything from “explosions” to “machine gun like fire,” remains a mystery.

There are several theories about what could be causing the strange noises in Jerusalem. One popular theory is that the sounds are caused by sonic booms from aircraft breaking the sound barrier. Another theory is that the noises are actually coming from the city’s ancient underground water system.

Whatever the source of the strange noises in Jerusalem may be, one thing is certain: they’re keeping residents on their toes!

What are the strange sounds?

Some people in Jerusalem have reported hearing strange sounds coming from the sky. There have been a few different theories about what these sounds could be, but no one is really sure. Some people think that they might be caused by a natural phenomenon, while others believe that they could be some kind of supernatural event.

What are the possible explanations for the strange sounds?

There are a few possible explanations for the strange sounds that people have heard in Jerusalem. One possibility is that the sounds are coming from the Sons of God, who were said to have descended from heaven to take human wives (Genesis 6:4). Another possibility is that the sounds are coming from natural features such as wind blowing through caves or earthquakes. Finally, it is also possible that the sounds are being generated by humans using technology such as hacking into cell phone networks or using amplifiers to broadcast sound waves.


We can’t say for certain what caused the strange sounds in Jerusalem, but there are several possible explanations. It could have been a natural phenomenon, such as a sonic boom or an earthquake. It could also have been caused by human activity, such as construction work or the use of loud speakers. Whatever the cause, the sounds were certainly mysterious and unexplained.

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