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The Case for Christ

Christians around the world are raving about The Case for Christ movie. This is a religious movie based on a true story. The Case for Christ is about a journalist who set out to disprove the existence of God. However, his research led him to believe in Jesus Christ.

Based on the true story of an atheist journalist

In “The Case for Christ,” Lee Strobel, an atheist journalist and legal editor for the Chicago Tribune, uses his investigative skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife Leslie.

But as he digs deeper into the eyewitness accounts of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, the evidence starts to contradict his worldview. If Christ is who He claimed to be, then everything changes — including Lee’s destiny.

This film is adapted from the true story of Strobel’s journey, which was chronicled in the bestselling book “The Case for Christ.”

who set out to disprove the existence of Jesus Christ.

Lee Strobel was an award-winning journalist with the Chicago Tribune
When his wife became a Christian, Strobel was doubtful of her newfound faith. In order to disprove Christianity, he set out on a journey to interview experts on the life of Christ.
What he found instead was evidence that not only proved the existence of Christ, but also His divinity.
The Case for Christ is a detailed account of Strobel’s journey, and the evidence he found along the way.

God’s Not Dead

The film stars Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, and David A.R. White. It was released on March 21, 2014, by Pure Flix Entertainment. The film grossed $62 million on a $2 million budget. It received mixed reviews from critics.

A group of college students are challenged by their

A group of college students are challenged by their professor to defend their belief in God in a class debate. When the students refuse to back down, the professor raises the stakes by offering them a failing grade if they cannot prove that God is not dead. As the students battle for their faith, they must also confront their own personal doubts and struggles.

Based on the true story of Professor Rice Broocks, “God’s Not Dead” is a gripping and powerful film about fighting for what you believe in. Featuring an all-star cast including Shane Harper, Kevin Sorbo, and Willie Robertson, “God’s Not Dead” is an inspiring and inspirational movie that will challenge viewers to stand up and defend their beliefs.

professor to defend their faith in a class discussion.

God’s Not Dead is a 2014 American Christian drama film directed by Harold Cronk and starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, Travis Tritt, and Dean Cain. The film was produced by Pure Flix Entertainment and distributed by Rockport Entertainment. It grossed $62 million on a $2 million budget.

The film follows Professor Radisson (Sorbo), an atheist, who assigns his philosophy class to write a paper God is Dead. When Joshua Young (Harper), a student in Radisson’s class, refuses to do the assignment, Radisson demands that he defend his faith in a class discussion. As the two clash, the student’s fellow classmates must choose sides.

The film received mixed reviews from critics but was successful at the box office.

Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven is a 2016 American Christian drama film directed by Patricia Riggen and written by Randall Wallace and Kristin Hannah. It is based on the book Miracles from Heaven by Christy Beam, which describes the true story of her daughter Anna’s survival from a rare disease.

A young girl suffering from an incurable disease has a miraculous

A young girl suffering from an incurable disease has a miraculous recovery that defies all logic and medical science.

recovery that defies all medical explanation.

Annabel Beam (Kylie Rogers) is a 10-year-old Texas girl who lives with her mother Christy (Jennifer Garner), father Kevin (Martin Henderson), and two sisters in a small rural town. The family are devout Christians who attend church regularly. One day, while playing with her sisters in a tree house, Annabel falls three stories and is impaled on a branch. She is rushed to the hospital, where she is treated for internal bleeding and remains in a coma for several days.

Although Annabel survives, she claims to have experienced a miracle: during her time in the coma, she says she went to Heaven and met Jesus Christ. Her recovery also defies all medical explanation, as the branch that pierced her abdomen somehow missed all her vital organs. As word of Annabel’s story spreads, it has a profound effect on her community, leading many people to reconsider their faith.

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