New christian movies coming to theaters

new christian movies

We are so excited for all the new Christian movies coming to theaters this year! There are so many great films with powerful messages that we can’t wait to see. Here are just a few of the new Christian movies coming to theaters in 2020.

“I Can Only Imagine”

I Can Only Imagine is a new Christian movie that has been gaining popularity in recent weeks. The film is based on the life of Bart Millard, the lead singer of the Christian band MercyMe. The film follows Bart’s journey as he writes the song “I Can Only Imagine” after the death of his father.

The movie has been praised by critics for its positive portrayal of faith and its message of hope. Christians around the world have been sharing their own stories of how the film has impacted them, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular Christian movies of all time.

“God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness”

The third film in the “God’s Not Dead” franchise, “A Light in Darkness” continues the story of college professor and committed atheist, Rice Brooks (David A.R. White). After his beloved brother is killed in a church bombing, Rice finds himself questioning his disbelief in God and struggling with his newfound faith.

While the first two films in the franchise were heavy-handed and overtly didactic, “A Light in Darkness” is a more nuanced and thoughtful film that deals with complex issues like grief, loss, and forgiveness. Though it doesn’t shy away from its Christian message, the film is ultimately more concerned with exploring the human condition than converting souls.

With strong performances from its cast and a more measured approach to its faith-based message, “A Light in Darkness” is a moving and thought-provoking film that should please fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.

“Paul, Apostle of Christ”

“Paul, Apostle of Christ” is a new Christian movie that was recently released in theaters. The movie tells the story of Paul’s life and his journey as an apostle of Christ. The movie is based on the book of Acts and will inspire viewers to learn more about Paul’s life and his impact on the early Christian church.

Why these new christian movies are coming to theaters

In recent years, the Christian film genre has seen a resurgence in popularity. This is likely due to the success of films like “God’s Not Dead” and “I Can Only Imagine.” As a result, a number of new Christian movies are coming to theaters. Here are some of the most anticipated releases.

The success of “I Can Only Imagine”

I Can Only Imagine, a low-budget Christian movie about the making of the titular MercyMe song, was a box office success when it was released in March. The film brought in an impressive $17 million in its opening weekend, more than triple its $7 million production budget, and went on to earn over $83 million total domestically.

Now other Christian filmmakers are looking to replicate that success. A number of new faith-based movies are set to hit theaters in the coming months, including Paul, Apostle of Christ; God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness; and Samson.

It’s not surprising that Hollywood is taking notice of the booming market for Christian films. According to a report from the Motion Picture Association of America, faith-based films accounted for 12 percent of all ticket sales in 2017, grossing $1.3 billion at the domestic box office.

What is behind this growing interest in religious movies? One factor is that Christians are an appealing target audience for Hollywood studios. They tend to be reliable moviegoers who will turn out for films that speak to their values and beliefs.

“There’s definitely been a shift in Hollywood’s perceptions of faith-based audiences,” said Mark Moring, editor-at-large of Christianity Today. “For years, Christians were seen as sort of this moralistic force to be reckoned with but not necessarily as people who you could make a lot of money off of.”

But I Can Only Imagine has helped change that perception, proving that there is definitely a market for Christian movies that are uplifting and inspirational without being didactic. As Moring put it, “What [the film] did was present Christians as people with hearts and souls and stories — fully developed characters — rather than just one-dimensional ciphers.”

It remains to be seen whether any of the upcoming Christian movies will be able to match the huge success of I Can Only Imagine. But one thing is certain: Hollywood now sees faith-based audiences as a force to be reckoned with at the box office.

The need for more Christian-based content

The reason for the recent influx of Christian-based movies is due to the need for more family-friendly and faith-based content. In a time where the industry is focused on profit and success, it’s easy to forget about values. These films offer something different; they’re filled with hope and inspiration. The messages conveyed are ones of love, forgiveness, and redemption.

Christians make up a large portion of the movie-going population, and they want to see films that reflect their values. While there are plenty of great secular films out there, sometimes it’s nice to see a film that has a message of faith. These types of films can be uplifting and provide comfort in difficult times.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, these movies are worth checking out. They offer something different from the usual Hollywood fare, and they’re sure to leave you feeling inspired.

The changing landscape of the film industry

The film industry is undergoing a major shift, and faith-based and Christian movies are becoming more prevalent. This is due to a number of factors, including the success of films like “The Passion of the Christ” and the growing demand for family-friendly entertainment.

Major movie studios are beginning to take notice of the popularity of Christian movies, and are starting to invest more money in them. This is good news for Christians who want to see more faith-based films in theaters, but it also means that the quality of these films is likely to improve.

One of the most exciting developments in the world of Christian movies is the rise of independent film companies. These companies are often run by Christians who are passionate about making quality films that represent their faith.

Independent Christian film companies have more freedom than major studios to take risks and experiment with new ideas. This means that we can expect to see a wide variety of new Christian movies in the coming years, ranging from dramas to comedies to action/adventure films.

No matter what your taste in movies, there will probably be a new Christian film coming out that you’ll enjoy. So keep your eyes peeled for these exciting new releases!

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