Map of apostle paul second missionary journey


map of apostle paul second missionary journey The map of apostle paul second missionary journey shows the travels of the apostle paul during his second missionary journey. This map is based on the biblical account found in the book of Acts chapter 15-18. Paul’s second missionary journey began in Antioch, Syria (Acts 15:36) and ended in Rome, Italy (Acts 28:16).

The Second Missionary Journey

The First Part of the Journey

The second missionary journey of the apostle Paul began at the city of Antioch in Syria. From there, he traveled with Barnabas to Cyprus. They went to the island of Salamis, where they preached in the Jewish synagogues. They then traveled to Paphos, where they met a magician named Elymas who opposed them.

The Second Part of the Journey

The second part of the journey took Paul through Pisidia, Pamphylia, and Lycia. In Pisidia, he preached in the synagogue in Antioch and was expelled from the city. He then went to Iconium, where he faced opposition from both Jews and Gentiles. He was forced to leaveIconium and went to Lystra, where he was again expelled from the city.

The Third Part of the Journey

The most intense part of the journey was the return through Galatia and Phrygia, ministering “in every city” (Acts 18:23). Some churches were established at this time (see Gal. 1:2; 4:13-15; 6:1; Phil. 1:1) and some Christians were converted (see Acts 16:5). Luke records that on this return trip, “the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them [Paul and Barnabas] to preach in the province of Asia” (Acts 16:6). Therefore, they went down to Troas where Paul had a vision of a man from Macedonia begging him to come over and help them.



The map of apostle paul second missionary journey provides a good overview of his travels. It is clear that he visited many places and had a great impact on the spread of Christianity.

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