How magicians levitate themselves


In order to levitate, magicians use a number of techniques. The most common is called the Balducci levitation, which involves raising one leg off the ground and balancing on the other. Another method is called the Cranial levitation, which uses a special apparatus to lift the entire body off the ground.

Theories on how magicians levitate themselves

Magicians have been levitating themselves for centuries. There are many theories on how they do it, but the most popular one is that they use magnets. Some believe that magicians use a special kind of metal that is attracted to magnets. Others believe that magicians use a device that generates a magnetic field.

The use of wires

Some believe that magicians use wires to levitate themselves, as this would explain how they are able to defy gravity. While this theory may hold some weight, it is also possible that magicians use other methods to levitate themselves, such as magnets or even psychic powers.

The use of air pressure

The use of air pressure is one of the most popular theories on how magicians levitate themselves. The theory goes that by using air pressure, magicians are able to create an invisible force that lifts them off the ground. This force is created by the magician’s body weight, and it is strong enough to lift the magician several feet off the ground. While this theory is plausible, there is no scientific evidence to support it.

The use of magnets

Techniques involving the use of magnets are among the oldest methods used to levitate objects. For example, the Hook suspension, a method of suspending a person from hooks that are inserted into the skin, was first mentioned in the 3rd century BCE by text written by an Indian surgeon. Magnets were also used in an experiment conducted by French natural philosopher Pilatre de Rozier in 1783, in which he attached a balloon to a chair and himself with magnets, becoming the first person to fly in a hot air balloon.

In 2000, British magician David Copperfield made headlines when he appeared to levitate over the Grand Canyon. Although his method was never revealed, it is believed that he used magnets to create the illusion. In 2006, American magician Jason Byrne used magnets to make it appear as if he was levitating his wife in his stage show.

More recently, Russian illusionist Barely Legal used electromagnets in his 2019 show Illusions of Grandeur to make it appear as if he was levitating himself and various objects.


So there you have it, now you know how magicians levitate themselves. Although this is just one method that they use, it is certainly the most popular. If you want to see this illusion for yourself, then simply find a good magic show and enjoy.

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