Godly visions and dreams

What are Godly Visions and Dreams?

Godly visions and dreams are messages that God gives to us through our dreams and visions. They are a way for God to communicate with us and to reveal His will for our lives. Dreams and visions can be about anything, from the future to our relationships, from our work to our personal lives. They can be prophetic, warning us of danger or showing us what God wants us to do. They can also be encouragement, showing us that God is with us and He loves us.

How to have Godly Visions and Dreams

Many people want to know how to have godly visions and dreams and the answer is very simple. You need to have a relationship with God. Once you have a relationship with God, you will start to see visions and dreams from Him. These God-given visions and dreams will give you direction and purpose in your life.


Praying is one way to increase the chances of having a godly vision or dream. Ask God to reveal himself to you through dreams and visions. Pray that he will give you insight and understanding when you interpret your dreams and visions.

Another way to have godly visions and dreams is to spend time in the word of God. When you read the Bible, you are exposing yourself to God’s thoughts and ways. This can help shape the content of your dreams and visions.

It is also important to live a life that is pleasing to God. When we are living in obedience to him, our minds will be more attuned to his voice. We will be more likely to receive messages from him through our dreams and visions.

Read the Bible

As you read the Bible, you will begin to see things from God’s perspective. This will cause you to start dreaming and having visions that are in line with God’s will for your life. The Bible is full of stories of people who had godly visions and dreams that changed their lives and the course of history. As you read these stories, ask God to give you similar dreams and visions.


The key to having godly visions and dreams is to fast. When you deny your body food, your mind becomes more sharp and focused. This is because you are redirecting the energy that would normally go towards digesting food towards other things, like meditation and prayer.

Fasting also allows you to tap into a deeper level of spiritual understanding. As you become more in tune with the Holy Spirit, you will start to see things from His perspective. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to interpret your dreams and visions.

Of course, fasting is not easy. It requires discipline and self-control. But if you are serious about wanting to hear from God, then it is worth the effort. Try starting with a 24-hour fast once per week. See how it goes and adjust as needed. Remember, the key is to listen to God and follow His leading.

Obey God

The Bible is full of stories of people having godly visions and dreams. The book of Acts is filled with them. In order to have godly visions and dreams, we must first be obeying God. Our dreams will line up with what God is doing in our lives when we are walking in obedience to Him.

What to do with Godly Visions and Dreams

Many people have what are called godly visions and dreams. But what are they? What do you do with them? A godly vision is “a supernatural revelation of something that God wants to bring to pass” (GotQuestions.org). A godly dream is similar to a godly vision, but it usually happens while you are asleep.

Write them down

No matter what God shows you in a vision or a dream, it’s important to write it down. Doing so will help you remember the details and keep the vision or dream fresh in your mind. It will also allow you to share it with others, if you feel called to do so.

If you’re not sure what to do with a vision or dream, ask God for guidance. He will likely provide more clarity in time. In the meantime, trust that He is good and that He has a plan for you.

Share them with somebody

The person to whom you are sharing your dream or vision should:

Pray with you and for you.
Listen to you intently without interrupting.
Affirm what God is speaking to you.
Help you discern the next steps to take.

Pray about them

Pray about your godly visions and dreams. Ask God to give you clarity and understanding about what He is saying to you. If you feel like you are getting conflicting messages, spend time in prayer until you feel like God has given you a peace about what He is saying. Don’t be afraid to ask other people for their input about your dreams and visions, but ultimately, the decision about what to do with them is up to you and God.


The believer is now living in the day of Christ, and all believers are to be on the lookout for His return. Christ will come suddenly and unexpectedly, like a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2; 16). When He comes, there will be a great separation of people. Those who have been faithful to Him and have lived in obedience to His teachings will be received into His everlasting kingdom. Those who have not known Him, or have refused to obey Him, will be consigned to everlasting punishment (Matthew 7:13, 14).

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